We are thrilled to announce that our entry to the Auckland Domain Memorial competition won!

Te Takuahi – The Hearth, a collaboration between Wraight Athfield Landscape + Architecture and artist Ross Hemera, was one of five concepts submitted in the Auckland Council competition that closed late December 2015.

From our entry:

“…Te Takuahi is defined by a subtle geometric disturbance in the landscape. As if formed by a swing of a toki aronui (carving chisel) a circular plan of ground is displaced, tilted against the slope of The Close lawn. On one side this forms a terraced crescent carved into the ground, and on the other a raised crescent (a shaped ahu), sloping gently back toward the Museum, and Pukekaroa Hill.”

Auckland Mayor Len Brown says: “There has been good feedback and public discussion about the concept. The chosen design is an open and simple concept which maintains the sanctity and open space character of the ‘close’ or grass area in front of the museum – something the public told us was very important.”

We extend our sincere thanks to the public who supported our concept; we look forward to getting another invaluable community asset built! This will be an exciting project to follow. – NC


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