My favorite playground is a hidden kingdom on the Western Swedish coast. Built within the natural reserve of Kullarberg, Nimis was created in 1996 by the artist Lars Vilks. The wooden sculptures are situated in a remote area of the reserve, in the middle of the woods. There are no signs leading to it and you can only access it on foot through a steep and rocky climb, making it a real journey and challenge to access. After the climb, the surprise of discovering such a site becomes even more enjoyable, and makes you feel like you are a little kid again, discovering a parallel world of some kind. Made out of driftwood, the wooden labyrinth follows the natural cliff and goes down to the beach in a series of towers and corridors to climb and crawl.

Nimis faced demolition as the sculptures were described as informal buildings within the natural reserve and unsafe for the public. But as the site became more popular and visited, people fought for it and the sculptures are now tolerated by the municipality. – SDC