Wellington’s Jump Structure recently won a Wellington Civic Trust Award for innovative public space!

The Trust’s award citation congratulated “the design team and Wellington Waterfront for their vision and courage in bucking the ‘cotton wool culture’. By celebrating informal activity the designers have artfully encouraged users to act sensibly rather than discourage unwelcome activity. This subtle shift in thinking made the Jump Platform an outstanding success and a fundamental part of this year’s summer in the city.”

The citation goes on to make some thoughtful remarks about the platform’s unfortunate closure due to water quality concerns. It notes that the structure has temporarily taken on a “more important – if a little less fun” function by “highlighting our disregard for the harbour that spawned this city. Our pollution isn’t something that can be swept under the wharf anymore – it’s spoiling our fun.” Perhaps the jump structure could yet catalyse more than summer thrills in the capital.

There are a couple more good pics in here and some very impressive flip footage from the platform.