The Wynyard Quarter recently won the ‘Urbis Best Public Space of 2012’! Which is great… and you can now check out these celebrated spaces from the unlikely perspective of a high-flying gull, thanks to Google maps hosting some pretty fresh aerial imagery of Auckland (thanks also to the folks from the brilliant Auckland Transport Blog for pointing the new data out). The oblique tilt gives an appreciation of the Wynyard Quarter’s vertical scale and allows you to envisige how the place might continue to take shape… plus it has a touch of that cool retro-computer-gaming simcity feel – if only it were that easy. Google’s street view’s not yet updated though so you can take a peculiar trip back in time by zooming in a little too far on Jellicoe Street – amazing to be reminded of how it was!

Back on the (new) ground Jellicoe Street and Silo Park recently played host to the increasingly popular – and seemingly always very hot – laneway festival. The landscapes escaped unscathed save for a fair amount of unsolicited ‘fertiliser’ finding its way in amongst the planting. A well-run event though and interesting to see the linearity of the spaces subverted by the crowds and stage setup. Here’s one from the day showing the tidal and wetland steps well-used in the late sun – cheers Aaron for the pic.